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Anuchit  Plubrukarn

Tel No ::  0 7442 8220
E-mail Address ::  anuchit.pl@psu.ac.th
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Education ::
  - B.Sc. in Pharm., Pharmacy, Chulalongkorn University, 2533
  - M.Sc. in Pharm. , Pharmacognosy, Chulalongkorn University, 2536
  - Ph.D., Chemistry, University of Hawaii, 2542

Main Fields of Scientific Interests ::
  - Marine natural products; natural products synthesis; structure-activity relationship and derivatization of natural products

Fields of specialist ::
  - Organic chemistry; Organic structure determination; Organic synthesis

Research ::

  Publication ::
  1. Olatunji, O.O.; Brecker, L.; Plubrukarn, A. Metabolomics approach towards the chemical distribution in the sponge Penares cf. nux.  Songklanakarin J. Sci. Technol., 43:  696-702, 2021.
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