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Ruedeekorn  Wiwattanapatapee

Tel No ::  074-288915
E-mail Address ::  ruedeekorn.w@psu.ac.th
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Education ::
  - ѪʵúѳԵ(õԹѹѺ1), Ѫʵ, ԷʧҹԹ, 2530
  - ѪʵҺѳԵ, Ѫصˡ, ŧóԷ, 2532
  - Doctor of Philosophy, Pharmaceutics, The school of Pharmacy, University of London, 2542

Main Fields of Scientific Interests ::
  - Formulation and Drug Delivery

Fields of specialist ::
  - Oral drug delivery systems, Formulation of Biopesticides, Polymeric drug delivery, Dendrimers

Research ::

  Publication ::
  1. Ganugula R, Arora M, Jaisamut P, Wiwattanapatapee R, Jørgensen HG, Venkatpurwar VP, et al.  Nano-curcumin safely prevents streptozotocin-induced inflammation and apoptosis in pancreatic beta cells for effective management of type 1 diabetes mellitus..  British J Pharmacol , 174:  2074-84, 2017.
  2. Petchsomrit A, Ganugula R, Wiwattanapatapee R Investigations on curcumins ability to enhance anticancer drug sensitivity to cancer cells..  Thai J Pharm Sci , 41:  41-44, 2017.
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  4. Petchsomrit A, Sermkaew N, Wiwattanapatapee R Alginate-based composite sponges as gastroretentive carriers for curcumin-loaded self-microemulsifying drug delivery systems.  Sci Pharm , 85(11):  85010011(1-16), 2017.
  5. Sookkasem A, Chatpun S, Yuenyongsawad S, Sangsen Y, Wiwattanapatapee R Colon targeting of self-emulsifying and solid dispersions of curcumin using pectin beads as a delivery vehicle.  Lat Am J Pharm , 36(12):  2482-93, 2017.
  6. Chumthong A, Wiwattanapatapee R, Viernstein H, Pengnoo A. Kanjanamaneesathian M. Spray-dried Powder of Bacillus megaterium for Control of Rice Sheath Blight Disease: Formulation Protocol and Efficacy Testing in Laboratory and Greenhouse.  Cereal Res. Commun., 44(1):  131-140, 2016.
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  14. Sermkaew N, Ketjinda W, Boonme P, Padoongsombat N and Wiwattanapatapee R  Liquid and solid self-microemulsifying drug delivery systems for improving the oral bioavailability of andrographolide from a crude extract of Andrographis paniculata.  European J. Pharm. Sci., 50 (3-4):  459-466, 2013.
  15. Jutharat Khochchawech, Chutima Tantikitti, Ruedeekorn Wiwattanapatapee  Effects of forms of weaning diets on acceptability, survival rate and growth in early juvenile Asian seabass (Lates calcarifer, Bloch).  Thai Fisheries Gazette, 66:  29-39, 2013.
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  25. ѰǴ ѵ෾ط Ĵա Ѳ ʹ ʡ ع ԾԸʧѹ  âѺŴҧͧʡѴҺҡҡͧ˹͹ҡ йѹҪҧյͼ˹͹¼ѡ .  Ԫҡɵ, 27(2):  170-183, 2009.
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