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Adisorn  Ratanaphan

Tel No ::  66-7428-8867
E-mail Address ::  adisorn.r@psu.ac.th
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Education ::
  - วิทยาศาสตรบัณฑิต, เคมี, ม.สงขลานครินทร์, 2524
  - วิทยาศาสตรมหาบัณฑิต, ชีวเคมี, ม.มหิดล, 2527
  - Doktor der Naturwissenschaften, Biochemistry & Biotechnology , Universitaet Regensburg, 2537

Main Fields of Scientific Interests ::
  - Cancer Research;
Anticancer Platinum/Ruthenium Drugs; Breast Cancer Suppressor Gene 1 (BRCA1)and its encoded product;
Steroid Hormone Regulation of Gene Expression

Fields of specialist ::
  - Cancer Biology and Therapy;
Human Molecular Genetics

Research ::

  Publication ::
  1. Atipairin, A., Canyuk, B. and Ratanaphan, A.  Cisplatin affects the conformation of apo-form, not holo-form, of BRCA1 RING finger domain and confers thermal stability.  Chemistry & Biodiversity, (doi: 10.1002/cbdv.200900308):  (doi: 10.1002/cbdv.200900308), 2010.
  2. Ratanaphan, A., Temboot, P. and Dyson, P.J.  In vitro ruthenation of human breast cancer suppressor gene 1 (BRCA1) by the antimetastasis compound RAPTA-C and its analogue carboRAPTA-C.  Chemistry & Biodiversity, 7:  1290-1302, 2010.
  3. Ratanaphan, A., Wasiksiri, S., Canyuk, B. and Prasertsan, P.  Cisplatin-damaged BRCA1 exhibits altered thermostability and transcriptional transactivation.  Cancer Biology & Therapy, 8 :  890-898 , 2009.
  4. Ratanaphan, A., Wasiksiri, S., Canyuk, B. and Mahasawat, P.  In vitro platination of human breast cancer suppressor gene 1 (BRCA1) by the anticancer drug carboplatin.  Biochimica et Biophysica Acta, General Subjects, 1725:  145-151, 2005.
  5. Jitpukdeebodintra, S., Chantachum, S., Ratanaphan, A. and Chantrapromma, K. Preliminary study on immunomodulatory property of limonin from lime seeds.  Journal of Food, Agriculture & Environment, 3:  109-111, 2005.
  6. Jitpukdeebodintra, S., Chantachum, S., Ratanaphan, A. and Chantrapromma, K. Stability of limonin from lime seeds .  Journal of Food, Agriculture & Environment , 3:  99-100, 2005.
  7. Gross, E, Seck, K., Neubauer, S., Mayr, J., Hellebrand, H., Ratanaphan, A., Lutz, V., Stockinger, H. and Kiechle, M. High-throughput genotyping by DHPLC of the dihydro-pyrimidine dehydrogenase gene implicated in (fluoro) pyrimidine catabolism. .  Int. J. Oncol. , 22:  325-332., 2003.
  8. Ratanaphan, A., Nukaga, M. and Sawai, T.  Mutation of class C ิิำbeta-lactamase..  Songklanakarin Journal of Science and Technology., vol. 21, no. 1,:  83-88., 1999.
  9. Ratanaphan, A. and Kraikitayakul, P. Analysis of Paracetamol, Salicylamide, and Caffeine in Commercial Analgesic Dosage Forms by High Performance Liquid Chromatography.  Songklanakarin Journal of Science and Technology, vol. 10, no. 4 :  397-403, 1988.
  10. Ratanaphan, A. and Ruenwongsa, P. Alteration in properties of Thymidylate Synthetase from Pyrimethamine-resistant Plasmodium chabaudi.  Int. J. Parasitol., 16:  483-490, 1986.
  11. Pattanakitsakul, S., Ratanaphan, A. and Ruenwongsa, P. Comparative Studies on Thymidylate Synthetase from Plasmodium berghei and mouse reticulocytes.  Comp. Biochem. Physiol., 80B:  583-587, 1985.