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Pimwara  Tanvejsilp

Tel No ::  66-74-288940
E-mail Address ::  pimwara.t@psu.ac.th
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Education ::
  - Bachelor of Pharmacy (First Class Honors), Pharmaceutical Sciences, Prince of Songkla University, 2006
  - Master of Pharmacy (SAP), Social and Administrative Pharmacy, Prince of Songkla University, 2008
  - Doctor of Philosophy, Health Research Methodology (Health Technology Assessment), McMaster University, CANADA , 2017

Main Fields of Scientific Interests ::
  - Health Technology Assessment; Cost analysis; Healthcare Research

Fields of specialist ::
  - Health Technology Assessment

Research ::

  Publication ::
  1. Tanvejsilp P, Taychakhoonavudh S, Chaikledkaew U, Chaiyakunapruk N, Ngorsuraches S.  Revisit Roles of HTA on Drug Policy in Universal Health Coverage in Thailand: Where Are We? And What Is Next? .  Value in Health Regional Issues. , 18:  78-82, 2019.
  2. Tanvejsilp P, Loeb M, Dushoff J, Xie F. Healthcare resource uses and out-of-pocket expenses associated with pulmonary TB treatment in Thailand. .  PharmacoEconomics Open, Sep;2(3):  297-308., 2018.
  3. Tanvejsilp P, Loeb M, Dushoff J, Xie F. Out of pocket expenditures, indirect costs, and health –related quality of life of patients with pulmonary tuberculosis in Thailand. .  PharmacoEconomics Open˙, Sep;2(3):  281-296., 2018.
  4. Tanvejsilp P, Pullenayegum E, Loeb M, Dushoff J, Xie F. Role of pharmaceutical care for self-administered pulmonary tuberculosis treatment in Thailand. .  J Clin Pharm Ther , 42(3)::  337-344., 2017.
  5. Tanvejsilp P, Ngorsuraches S.  Defining the scope of health technology assessment and types of health economic evaluation..  J Med Assoc Thai, 97 Suppl 5:  S10-16., 2014.
  6. Xie F, Tanvejsilp P, Campbell K, Gaebel K.  Cost-effectiveness of pharmaceutical management for osteoarthritis pain: a systematic review of the literature and recommendations for future economic evaluation. .  Drugs Aging , 30(5):  277-284., 2013.
  7. Ngorsuraches S, Wanishayakorn T, Tanvejsilp P, Udomaksorn S. Relative importance of attributes of drug benefit plans: Thai civil servants' perspective..  Res Social Adm Pharm , 9(6):  731-740., 2013.